pexels-photo-47451Hi, my name is Lyndsay Jones, and I am a Cosmetologist. It has been 10 years that comprise my experience in the field of consulting men and women who are conscious of their body. I used to be an obese person in which my confidence was to the point of nothing. It was very hard for me to start all over, wanting to have a perfect body and skin wherein I can be confident. I figured out how to help and even challenged myself to be where I am now. The journey towards making this kind of decision was mine because I wanted to look beautiful and confident in every aspect of my body, whether it is a smile, my skin or the makeup products that I am using. It is my deepest passion to assist you in going through a journey that I have. As you continue to read my blog, please feel free to send me any questions or thoughts at my contacts, and I will get back to you immediately.